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Many organisations run multiple Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM) instances and very often need to pass Incidents between them. Xapity Transfer allows Analysts to send Incidents, including key details, the Affect User, Attachments and Comments to remote SCSM instances.

In real time, Analysts can follow the progress of the transferred incidents, remotely update the Action Logs and view Resolution information. Notifications can be configured to inform Analysts when transferred Incidents are resolved, and Xapity Transfer can resolve the original Incident when all transferred Incidents are resolved. 

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Send Incidents to other SCSM Management Groups

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Transfer Incidents between SCSM Instances

Xapity Transfer enables Analysts to pass Incidents to one or more Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM) instances. When transferring an Incident, Analysts can assign it to a remote Support Group, add and remove File Attachments, add a Comment and edit the Title and Description. 

System Center Service Manager (SCSM) Instances can be in different Windows Domains

The Service Manager (SCSM) instances can be in the same Windows Domain or in different, untrusted Windows Domains. Xapity Transfer can be configured for Incidents to be passed in one direction only, or in both directions. 

Track the Progress of the Transferred Incident

The Xapity Transfer Status console task provides a convenient way for Analysts to track the progress of the transferred Incident in real time. The transferring Analyst can quickly see who the Incident has been assigned to, its current status, what work has been done and any resolution details. Analysts on the receiving SCSM instance can see who transferred the Incident and what work has been done. 

Remote Updates to Incidents

The Xapity Transfer Status console task provides Analysts a simple way to remotely update the Action Log of the transferred or original Incident. The transferring Analyst can add additional comments to the Transferred Incident on remote SCSM instance. The receiving Analyst can add comments which appear on the Incident on the originating system. 

Ability to Create the Affected User

Xapity Transfer works across SCSM Instances with no requirement for the same Users and Analysts to be in both systems. Xapity Transfer can be configured to automatically create the Affected User in the remote SCSM instance if they do not exist. Xapity Transfer will create a new User CI and populate the core contact details that an Analyst would need. 

Analysts do not need permissions in the remote SCSM Instances

By using Xapity Transfer, Analysts do not need permissions in the remote SCSM Instances ensuring information and data can remain private. Analysts can only access basic details on Incidents that have been transferred. 

Control what Analysts can View

Xapity Transfer gives SCSM administrators control over what remote Analysts can view on their Incidents. The ability to view the original Incident's Action Log, File Attachments as well as the ability to add remote Comments can all be controlled. 

Automatic Resolution of the Original Incident

Xapity Transfer can automatically resolve the original Incident once all transferred Incidents have been resolved. When the transferred Incident is resolved, the resolution comment is copied back to the original system.

Analysts Receive Notifications

Xapity Transfer enables administrators to configure Notifications to be sent to Analysts on a range of events such as when an Incident has been transferred successfully or when it has been Resolved on the remote system. SCSM Views can be built to see transferred Incidents. 

Available in all Languages

Xapity Clone is available in all languages supported by System Center Service Manager. Interface text can be further customised by SCSM administrators.



See Xapity Transfer in action (best viewed Full Screen in HD)

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Current Version: SCSM 2012 v1.0.0.142 / SCSM 2016/2019 v1.0.1.142

Release Notes

System Center Service Manager: SCSM 2012 / SCSM 2016 / SCSM 2019

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