Xapity PowerShell Activity

The Xapity PowerShell Activity enables PowerShell scripts to be run directly from any Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM) activity workflow on a Change Request (CR), Release Record (RR) or Service Request (SR). With Xapity PowerShell Activity, PowerShell scripts are stored and updated centrally, script execution output can be viewed and if a script error occurs, an email notification can be sent.

Having the ability to run PowerShell scripts within SCSM activity workflows gives SCSM almost unlimited flexibility. Xapity PowerShell Activity helps reduce the need to use Microsoft System Center Orchestrator (SCO) or SDK based solutions to automate internal SCSM Work Items.


Run PowerShell Scripts in any SCSM Activity Workflow

The Xapity PowerShell Activity adds the ability for you to use your own PowerShell scripts in any Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM) activity workflow. This dramatically extends the flexibility of SCSM to meet your business needs and automate your business processes.

Central Script Library

Xapity PowerShell Activity scripts are all stored in a central script repository. PowerShell scripts can be linked to many Xapity PowerShell Activities and updated centrally. When a script is ready to be used, it can be marked as 'Script Enabled for Automation'.

Run Scripts Using any Account

By default the Xapity PowerShell Activity executes scripts using the SCSM Workflow account, but scripts can also be run using any Active Directory account you specify.  Xapity PowerShell Activity can also securely store credentials that can be used with any PowerShell command that uses the -credential property. This creates many new automation scenarios by enabling Xapity PowerShell Activity to interact with external systems.

Send an Email Notification on Error

If a PowerShell script does fail, the Xapity PowerShell Activity can send an email to a defined set of recipients using an SCSM Notification Template with details of the failure included in the email. In the event of a failure, SCSM Administrators configure Xapity PowerShell Activity to either fail the activity or to continue the workflow.

View the Script Output

The Xapity PowerShell Activity will store any console output from the script execution on the Activity.

Available in all Languages

Xapity PowerShell Activity is available in all languages supported by System Center Service Manager. Interface text can be further customised by SCSM administrators.



See the Xapity PowerShell Activity in action (best viewed Full Screen in HD)

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Current Version: SCSM 2012 v1.0.0.138 / SCSM 2016/2019 v1.0.1.138

Release Notes

System Center Service Manager: SCSM 2012 / SCSM 2016 / SCSM 2019

See our SCSM PowerShell Script resources to get started 

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Select a Script and Error Handling

The Xapity PowerShell Activity allows selection of scripts that are ready to be used from the script repository. In case a script does fail, SCSM Administrators can configure a set of recipients to receive an Email Notification and can choose if the Activity should fail or not.