Xapity Mail

Xapity Mail is an advanced and rich email editor for Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM) that enables Analysts to send email from directly inside the SCSM console, with key details prepopulated from the Work Item and allowing the use of SCSM Templates. No more need to copy and paste data to external email clients like Microsoft Outlook.

Xapity Mail settings can be configured globally but when integrated with Xapity Teams, settings can be configured specifically for each Support Group providing a highly tailored solution suited to each of your support teams and providing the ability to enforce corporate communication standards.


Rich Email Editor

Xapity Mail provides a rich and powerful editor that allows emails to be edited and sent directly from the SCSM console, without the need for an external email editor such as Microsoft Outlook. The editor supports HTML and plain text emails and contains all the text, spell check, attachment support and image formatting options you would expect. 

Use Service Manager Templates

Xapity Mail enables the use of System Center Service Manager Templates in emails. SCSM administrators can define which templates are available to Xapity Mail. The use of SCSM Templates will make the Analyst’s job easier and helps ensure high quality and constant communication from your support teams.  

Data Populated from the Work Item

Xapity Mail will populate data from the Work Item directly into the email. For easy selection by the Analyst, Xapity Mail will automatically populate the ‘To’ button options with Affected User, Assigned to Analyst, Created By Analyst and Owner. The ‘Subject’ line is populated with the Work Item Title. When a SCSM Template is used, information you specify will be substituted with data from the Work Item.

Control the 'Send From' Address

With Xapity Mail, SCSM administrators have control over the ‘Send From’ address. This powerful feature allows a common defined shared mailbox email address to be used for all communication or you can allow the Analyst the ability to send the email from their own email address. When Xapity Mail is integrated with Xapity Teams, these settings can be tailored to suit each Support Group.

Automatically Attach the Email to the Work Item

Emails can be automatically attached to the Work Item. There is no need to ‘CC’ an SCSM monitored mailbox.

Integration with Xapity Teams

Xapity Mail can be used as a standalone tool, but when integrated with Xapity Teams, it enables greater flexibility. Xapity Teams allows settings to be configured at the Support Group level. Different Support Groups can have access to different SCSM Templates, a different ‘Send From’ address and control over allowing the Analyst to send from their own email address.

Supports Major Work Item types

Xapity Mail works with Service Manager's (SCSM's) major Work Item types - Incident, Problem, Service Request, Change, Release Record and Manual Activity.

Available in all Languages

Xapity Mail is available in all languages supported by System Center Service Manager. Interface text can be further customised by SCSM administrators.



See Xapity Mail in action (best viewed in Full Screen in HD)


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Current Version: SCSM 2012 v1.0.0.83 / SCSM 2016/2019 v1.0.1.84

Release Notes

System Center Service Manager: SCSM 2012 / SCSM 2016 / SCSM 2019

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