Xapity Create Activity

Xapity Create Activity allows major Work Item types to be created from Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM) Change Requests (CR), Release Records (RR) and Service Requests (SR).

For example, a Service Request may require a Change Request to be raised and approved in order for it to be completed. Add a Xapity Create Activity to the Service Request to create a Change Request at the appropriate point in the activities workflow.

The Xapity Create Activity can be configured to wait for the created Work Item to complete before progressing to the next activity. It provides quick access to the created Work Item and relates the created Work Item to the Parent Work Item.


Create Major Work Items from an Activity Workflow

The Xapity Create Activity can be added to the activities workflow on any Change Request, Release  Record or Service Request. It will use any major work item type, including derived types, of Incident, Change Request, Release Record, Problem or Service Request to create new work items based on SCSM Templates.

Create Work Items from the Self-Service Portal (SSP)

Use the Self-Service Portal to enable users and analysts to generate different Work Items types. This enhances the capability of the Portal and adds needed functionality.

Wait for the Created Work Item

The Xapity Create Activity can be configured to wait for the created activity to be completed before it progresses to the next activity. The Xapity Create Activity will also be updated if the created Work Item fails. 

Quick Access to the Created Work Item

From the Xapity Create Activity in the activity workflow, analysts can quickly access the created Work Item. The Related Items tab on both the parent Work Item and the created Work Item have each Work Item added.

Available in all Languages

Xapity Create Activity is available in all languages supported by System Center Service Manager. Interface text can be further customised by SCSM administrators.



See the Xapity Create Activity in action (best viewed Full Screen in HD)

Download Trial

Current Version: SCSM 2012 v1.0.0.11 / SCSM 2016/2019 v1.0.1.11

Release Notes

System Center Service Manager: SCSM 2012 / SCSM 2016 / SCSM 2019

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Create Work Items

The Xapity Create Activity can be added to the activities workflow and will create another Work Item based on any of the major SCSM Work Items. Use with other activities such as Xapity PowerShell Activity and Xapity Notification activity to automate more of your business processes.