Xapity Attachments (free)

Xapity Attachments is a free application that provides a better way to manage file attachments in Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM).

Xapity Attachments provides a convenient console task to directly open and manage attachments on any of the SCSM major Work Item types.

Xapity Attachments makes it possible to add attachments to SCSM Templates.

Xapity Attachments includes a central Attachment Library where attachments can be grouped into folders and assigned  an Owner, Description Version and Status.


Manage File Attachments

Xapity Attachments provides SCSM analysts a better way to manage file attachments on all major SCSM Work Items. Add, remove or open the attachments on a Work Item directly from the Manage Attachments console task without needing to navigate to the Related Items tab.

Central Attachment Library

Xapity Attachments adds a central Attachment Library to SCSM. The Attachment Library allows for one or more attachments to be grouped into Folders. Folders can be assigned an Owner, Description Version and Status to assist in management.

Add Attachments from File or Document Library

Attachments can be added to a Work Item from the central Attachment Library or from the file system.

Add Attachments to Templates

Xapity Attachments enables attachments to be added to a any major Work Item Template. A relationship is created between the Template and an Attachment Library Folder and a workflow runs on creation to copy the folder attachments to the Work Item.

Xapity Notification Integration

Xapity Attachments has been designed to work with Xapity Notification Activity which allows for more control over email notifications. When used together, attachments can be added to Notification Activity templates from the Attachment Library. Xapity Attachments and Xapity Notification Activity together allow for SCSM administrators to send emails and documents to analysts or end users easily.

Available in all Languages

Xapity Attachments is available in all languages supported by System Center Service Manager. Interface text can be further customised by SCSM administrators.



See Xapity Attachments in action (best viewed Full Screen in HD)


Current Version: SCSM 2012 v1.0.0.35 / SCSM 2016/2019 v1.0.1.35

Release Notes

System Center Service Manager: SCSM 2012 / SCSM 2016 / SCSM 2019

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