Xapity Teams - Manage SCSM Support Group with Active Directory Grouops

Xapity Teams

Xapity Mail - Send Email using SCSM templates

Xapity Mail

Xapity PowerShell Activity - Run PowerShell Scripts directly in SCSM workflows without the need use Orchestrator (SCO)

Xapity PowerShell Activity

Xapity Transfer - Pass Incidents to remote external SCSM Management Groups

Xapity Transfer

Xapity Current Activity - Quickly open the current In Progress Activity for an SCSM workflow

Xapity Current Activity

Xapity Clone - Create new SCSM work items from existing Work Items

Xapity Clone

Xapity Create Activity - Create any SCSM work item from another work item

Xapity Create Activity

Xapity Notification Activity - Send Email Notrifications from SCSM workflows

Xapity Notification Activity

Xapity User History - Quickly view the Incident and Service Request activity for an Affected User

Xapity User History

Xapity Attachments - Better Attachment management for SCSM. Use attachments in SCSM templates

Xapity Attachments

Type Projections

Xapity have created sealed example Type Projection Management Packs for the major SCSM Work Items. These are available as a free download!