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PowerShell for SCSM: Delete Work Items and Activities

Quite often you need to delete an incident, activity or other SCSM work item. Using PowerShell is an easy way to do this.

SCSM PowerShell

This blog post was based of the Travis Wright's blog: Using SMLets Beta 3 Post #9–Deleting Objects

Work Item Class

The first thing you will need, is the Class of each work item:

Remove ALL objects

SMLets Remove-SCSMObject is very powerful and these commands should only be used in a lab or test environment. They will delete ALL items in the class. These do not check the status of the work item (In Progress, Pending, Completed, Closed ,etc).

When deleting an work item with activities (CR, SR, RR) the child activities are also deleted (regardless of status).

Only use in a lab or test environment. Be very careful.

Delete a Specific Work Item

This is more useful as it targets one object to delete. It uses the filter option to find the specific item and then removes it.

Delete all activities on a Work Item

In this example we will delete all the activities on a specific Service Request. The command is recursive and will delete any any of the lower nested activities.

The main issue is that you have to know what types of activities you are deleting. The System.WorkitemActivity will cover the default out of the box Manual, Review, Dependent, Parallel, Sequential activities. I have also added in a Runbook Activity. But if you have third party or custom activities you will need to add them to the list.

Use SCSM Entity Explorer to check what relationships and classes are being used on the work item. From this you can add extra types to activities. Or you can use this command to see relat4d objects on the work item, in this case Service request:

And an example if you have used a Xapity PowerShell, Create or Notification Activity

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