Xapity Teams - Manage SCSM Support Group with Active Directory Grouops

Xapity Teams

Xapity Mail - Send Email using SCSM templates

Xapity Mail

Xapity PowerShell Activity - Run PowerShell Scripts directly in SCSM workflows without the need use Orchestrator (SCO)

Xapity PowerShell Activity

Xapity Transfer - Pass Incidents to remote external SCSM Management Groups

Xapity Transfer

Xapity Current Activity - Quickly open the current In Progress Activity for an SCSM workflow

Xapity Current Activity

Xapity Clone - Create new SCSM work items from existing Work Items

Xapity Clone

Xapity Create Activity - Create any SCSM work item from another work item

Xapity Create Activity

Xapity Notification Activity - Send Email Notrifications from SCSM workflows

Xapity Notification Activity

Xapity User History - Quickly view the Incident and Service Request activity for an Affected User

Xapity User History

Xapity Attachments - Better Attachment management for SCSM. Use attachments in SCSM templates

Xapity Attachments


Xapity products are built from our real world experiences, working with real clients in real environments. The tools are highly flexible, high quality and will let you take full advantage of Service Manager in your environment.


Xapity products for Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM) will help you get maximum benefit from your SCSM investment and help integrate Service Manager into your business processes.


They will help you deliver your Service Manger project on time, meet the expectations of your clients and users without the need of specialised software developers.


New Products Coming!

We are working on some awesome new products for Microsoft System Center Service Manager. 
You will wonder how you lived without them!

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Applications for Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM)

Xapity Teams is an essential application for SCSM.

  • Xapity Teams relates Analysts to Microsoft Service Manager Support Groups using Active Directory (AD) Groups to define the relationship

  • Direct Assign allows Work Items to be assigned to Analysts using a dynamic interface

  • Sends Notifications on a range of events to Support Groups or Analysts

  • Integrates with other Xapity products to provide per Support Group administration options

  • and more…

Xapity Mail is an advanced and rich email editor for Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM).

  • Enables emails to be sent directly from the Service Manager console, without the need for an email client such as Microsoft Outlook. Key details are populated from the Work Item

  • Allows SCSM Templates to be used and data automatically inserted from the Work Item.

  • Can be a standalone application, or integrated with Xapity Teams for per Support Group administration options.

  • and more…

Xapity Clone Record lets you quickly and simply copy any of the major SCSM Work Items right from in the Service Manager console. This provides a quick and efficient way for analysts to create new Work Items based on existing Work Item.

  • Administrators have control over which fields and relationships can be copied

  • Supports class and form extensions and attachments

  • Can be a standalone application, or integrated with Xapity Teams for per Support Group administration options.

  • and more...

Xapity Transfer securely enables Analysts to send Incidents to one or many remote SCSM Instances.

  • Analysts can assign the Incident to a remote Support Group, edit key details add comments and add/remove attachments

  • Enables Analysts to track the Incident in real time or to get more information about the original Incident

  • Analysts can remotely add Comments to the original or transferred Incident

  • The original Incident can automatically be closed when all transferred Incident are resolved

  • and more...

Xapity PowerShell Activity is an Activity for SCSM that enables PowerShell scripts to be run in SCSM activity workflows.

  • Automate more of your processes directly in SCSM

  • PowerShell Scripts are stored and updated from a central script repository

  • Any output from the script can be viewed

  • If a script does have an error, an Email Notification can be sent to designated recipients

  • and more...


Xapity Notification Activity is an Activity for SCSM that enables Email Notifications to be sent from any Service Manager activity workflow.

  • Reduce the need for subscriptions and get more flexibility

  • Use recipients related to the parent Work Item or any recipient

  • Attach files to the email notification

  • Use SCSM Notification Templates with substitution from the parent Work Item

  • The output from the sent email can be viewed

  • and more...


Xapity Create Activity is an Activity for SCSM that enables any major Work Item to be created from a Change Request, Release Record or Service Request.

  • Enable more of your business processes to be automated in SCSM

  • Create any of the major Work Items from an activity workflow

  • Allow users to log any Work Item type from the Self-Service Portal

  • Quickly access the created Work Item and wait for it to be completed before progressing

  • and more...

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Free Applications for Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM)

Xapity User History is a useful application that displays the Incident and Service Request History for the Affected User.

  • Quickly Retrieve Incident and Service Request History

  • Useful Summary Data Displayed

  • Open Original Incident or Service Request Work Item

  • Contextual and Intuitive Interface

  • and more…

Xapity Current Activity is a free application that opens the current In Progress Activity for an SCSM workflow.

  • Allow Analysts to quickly see which Activity a workflow is up to and needs to be actioned

  • A new SCSM 2016 feature that Xapity Current Activity makes available for SCSM 2012

  • Supports Parallel and Sequential Activities

  • Opens the Activity In Progress at any level of the workflow

  • and more…

Xapity Attachments is a free application that improves the management of file attachments in SCSM

  • Quickly access attachments on a Work Item using a convenient SCSM Console Task

  • Store attachments in a new SCSM Central Attachment Library

  • Group attachments into Folders and add extra meta data to help with management

  • Enables attachments to be used in SCSM Templates

  • Integrates with Xapity Notification Activity allowing attachments to added to email notifications

  • and more…

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