Xapity Transfer
Xapity Transfer securely enables Analysts to send Incidents to remote SCSM Instances. In real time, Analysts can track the transferred Incident, remotely update the Incident’s Action Log and be notified when it is resolved.  Key details such as Title, Description, Affected User, Attachments can be transferred as well as additional Comments. Plus much more!

Xapity Transfer

  • A Xapity Transfer license must be purchased for each SCSM Management Group.

    I.e. to pass incidents between two instances, then two licneses are required. If passing incidents between three instances, then three licenses are required.

    Please separate each SCSM Management Group name with a comma (,)

    You can request Non Production licenses by adding a 'Note To Seller' during the purchase process, or later from our 'License Key' page, or Contacting Us anytime after purchase.