Xapity Teams - Manage SCSM Support Group with Active Directory Grouops

Xapity Teams

Xapity Mail - Send Email using SCSM templates

Xapity Mail

Xapity PowerShell Activity - Run PowerShell Scripts directly in SCSM workflows without the need use Orchestrator (SCO)

Xapity PowerShell Activity

Xapity Transfer - Pass Incidents to remote external SCSM Management Groups

Xapity Transfer

Xapity Current Activity - Quickly open the current In Progress Activity for an SCSM workflow

Xapity Current Activity

Xapity Clone - Create new SCSM work items from existing Work Items

Xapity Clone

Xapity Create Activity - Create any SCSM work item from another work item

Xapity Create Activity

Xapity Notification Activity - Send Email Notrifications from SCSM workflows

Xapity Notification Activity

Xapity User History - Quickly view the Incident and Service Request activity for an Affected User

Xapity User History

Xapity Attachments - Better Attachment management for SCSM. Use attachments in SCSM templates

Xapity Attachments

Pricing and Payment

The following information applies to all Xapity for Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM) products.

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If you have any questions or if we can help further please get in contact with us. We are happy to help!

  • The current price for each Xapity for Microsoft System Center Service Manager product will be listed on the Buy page

  • Prices listed on the website are in US Dollars.

  • For Australian customers, prices listed on this site do not include GST

  • We will quote in your local currency on request. The base currency is US Dollars and current exchange rates will be used.

  • Xapity for SCSM products are licensed per SCSM Management Group/instance unless otherwise stated. Pricing listed is per production license.

With each Xapity for SCSM product license, we will allow you to license for free two non-prodution SCSM Management Groups/Instances for you testing and development purposes only.


Examples of non-production instances might be your Development, Pre-Production or Test environments.


License Keys for non-production instances can be requested from our Manage Keys page.


Product Pricing

Non-Production Systems

Support and Software Assurance

Your Support and Software Assurance agreement entitles you to:


  • Access to new major versions of the product.

  • Log Support Requests and receive product support


Support and Software Assurance (SA) General Information
  • Support and Software Assurance is priced at 30% of the current full license price for 12 months.

  • Support and Software Assurance must be purchased together. I.e. You cannot just purchase Support or Software Assurance

  • You must have a valid Support and Software Assurance agreement for all Xapity for SCSM licenses for the same product and because they will be on the same Support and Software Assurance agrement, they must have the same anniversary date. E.g. if you own two licenses of Xapity Teams, you must have Support and Software Assurance on both licenses with the same anniversary date for both.

Lapsed Agreements

If your Support and Software Assurance agreement to lapses it can be reinstated.


In order to reinstate an expired Support and Software Assurance agreement, you must purchase Support and Software Assurance for the period since the agreement expired until the current date plus a 10% surcharge. You must also purchase the next 12 months Support and Software Assurance at standard pricing.

We currently are offering the first year free Support and Software Assurance with each license purchased.



If you have recieved an invoice the payment method is Bank Transfer / EFT / Wire Transfer. Our bank details will be on the invoice.


For online purchases, PayPal, or Credit Card can be used.


If you have questions regarding payment options, please Contact Us to discus further.


We do not currently have any resellers. If your company cannot purchase directly from us, we are happy to work with your normal software reseller to see if we can help facilitate the purchase.

Late Payments

Our invoices are on 30 days payment terms. Late payments might incur a 1.5% interest charge.

Purchase Orders

We are happy to accept an official approved Purchase Order. Full payment must be recieved in 30 days.