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Download Ignite 2017 Videos and PowerPoint Slides

Ignite 2017 has come and gone with nearly 1700 sessions presented. For those of us that could not attend and even those that did attend and missed sessions the videos and slides decks are being added to youtube.

And thanks to Michel de Rooij who has posted an update to his PowerShell download script we can now automate the download of the sessions. Check out the Technet Gallery download Get Microsoft Ignite session information or contents

For the script to work you will alos need youtube-dl in the same directory.

The script will download the available metadata about the sessions and as Microsoft will add content, the script refreshes the cache data if it is older than 24 hours.

The cache data also provides a good way to check your search parameters to see if they will get the sessions you expect.

The script also checks the download directory to see if the file already exists before downloading. So save your script parameters and re-run the script again (may be weekly) if you are missing sessions that you really want to see. Hopefully Microsoft will have uploaded them next time you run the script.

The script examples use a video quality of 640x360 (script value = 18) and you can change this to get higher or lower quality videos as required. A 1 hour video is approx 700-800mb at this quality setting. There is a table of the setting values on the Technet Gallery download page.

Thanks again to Micheal for a great script and enjoy the videos.


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