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SCSM 2012 R2: End of Mainstream Support

Mainstream Support for Service Manager 2012 ends today July 11, 2017.

You can confirm this on the Microsoft Product Lifecycle web page:

Mainstream Support for Service Manager 2012 ends today July 11, 2017

This came as a shock to me and probably to a lot of others as well. It seems that SCSM 2016 was just released (it was actually October 2016). However, Extended Support will continue until July 12, 2022.

So what does this actually mean if you are still using SCSM 2012. Basically, stop procrastinating and start planning the upgrade to SCSM 2016!

In more practical terms, it will depend on the agreements you have with Microsoft. When Mainstream Support for a Microsoft product ends, it generally means:

  • Microsoft no longer accepts requests for new features - you are basically stuck with what you have, there will be no more improvements to Service Manager R2 2012.

  • Microsoft will only supply security related hotfixes. Only with an Extended Hotfix Support Agreement will you be able to get non-security related hotfixes.

  • Only Paid Support options i.e. Paid Premier and Essential support.

For more details on the Microsoft Lifecycle refer to: Lifecycle FAQ—general policy questions

And for a specific table of what is included in Mainstream and Extended support:

Note: I do not work for Microsoft and these are just personal views and comments. Contact a Microsoft representative to confirm what this means for your organization.


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