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Xapity Create Activity and Xapity PowerShell Activity

Xapity Create Activity and Xapity PowerShell Activity

Xapity Create Activity

Xapity Create Activity can be added to Service Manager templates - Change, Release and Service Request - and will create any of the major work item types - Incident, Change, Release, Problem and Service Request.

This allows you to use the self-service portal (SSP) to create any work item type you want. Add the Xapity Create Activity to the Service Request template and then you can spawn a Change from the portal. Or allow users to log Problems via the portal and use the Create Activity create the Problem Record. Or any combination of work items that your business process may need.

Xapity Create Activity includes a workflow that allows the Create Activity to stay open until the new work item completes. This opens a lot of possibilities for business processes where two different work items depend on each other and where one should pause until the other has completed.

Due to the complexities of mapping properties (and especially custom added properties) we used templates to create the new work items. Obviously if you are using the portal, there will be data captured in the Service Request (mapped to fields and on the User Input) that you will want to transfer to the new work item. This is where the Xapity PowerShell Activity should be used.

Xapity PowerShell Activity

The Xapity PowerShell Activity can be added to Change, Release and Service Request templates. In the portal example, it can be used on the Service Request to "push" data from the SR to the new work item or it can be used on the new work item to "pull" data down from the Service Request.

When pushing data from the portal Service Request the Xapity Create Activity cannot use the "Wait for Created Work Item" option as the Create Activity has to complete for the PowerShell Activity to run. A push PowerShell Activity from the Parent Service Request needs to be used when creating an Incident or Problem as these work items cannot run PowerShell Activity.

The pull option allows the Create Activity to stay open, but this is only available if the new work item is a Change, Release or Service Request. Add the PowerShell Activity as the first step in the activity work flow on the template for the work item being created and it will connect back to the Service Request and pull the required data down.

Check out our PowerShell Series blog posts for examples of a Push and Pull script.

Better together

Combining Xapity Create Activity and Xapity PowerShell Activity together gives you some very powerful options in Service Manager. You can now create complex templates that have one work item depend on another separate work item. Add in the use of the self-service portal as a front end and the options available to users and analysts is greatly enhanced.

Xapity Create Activity and PowerShell Activity will reduce the need to have complex Orchestrator (SCO) run books. We believe that keeping the business logic in Service Manager makes it easier to manage and reduces the complexity of Service Manager deployments.

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