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SCSM 2016 - Upgrade Screen Shots

As part of getting ready for SCSM 2016 we had to upgrade some of our labs to the SCSM 2016 RTM version. The good news is that the process was very familiar and basically felt the same as upgrading SCSM 2012.

This blog will show you screen shots of the upgrade process for a lab with a single server (no data warehouse). Refer to our blog SCSM 2016 - Upgrade for a high-level overview of the upgrade process.

The general steps for upgrading are:

  1. Backup your databases and your Management Packs. See the topics Backing Up Service Manager Databases and Backing Up Unsealed Management Packs in Service Manager

  2. Start with the data warehouse management server. You will be stopping the data warehouse jobs, and you will not be able to start them again until after you have completed the upgrade

  3. Upgrade the Service Manager Workflow Server

  4. Upgrade all your Management Servers

  5. Upgrade any third party applications

  6. Restart the Data Warehouse jobs.

  7. Deploy the Self-Service Portal.

  8. Upgrade the Client Consoles

Step 1: Download and Extract the Install Files

Download and extract the install files. I was using the Technical Evaluation version

Step 2: Install Prerequisites

SCSM 2016 uses the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5. The features selected below were enough to meet the prerequisites.

SCSM 2016 Install/Upgrade - Prerequisit - Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

As this was an upgrade of an existing SCSM 2012 server, the only other prerequisite that I needed was the SQL 2014 Analysis Management Objects. The prerequisite check will pick this up if not installed.

Download and install the Microsoft SQL 2014 Analysis Management Objects - SQL_AS_AMO.msi – from here:

SCSM 2016 Install/Upgrade - Prerequisite - Microsoft SQL 2016 Analysis Management Objects (AMO)

If this was a new install the following are required:

  • .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.5

  • Report Viewer 2008

  • SQL Server 2014 Analysis Management Objects

  • SQL Server 2012 Native Client

Step 3: Start the Install of Service Manager 2016

From the Extract files run the Setup.exe file. Click the link under Upgrade:

SCSM 2016 Install/Upgrade - Start SCSM Installer

Step 4: Confirm the Upgrade

Confirm you have read and understood the upgrade links (that at time of writing were pointing to SCSM 2012 documentation)

SCSM 2016 Upgrade - Confirm Upgrade

Step 5: Enter in the License Details

The SCSM 2012 license key was accepted and allowed me to move on.

SCSM 2016 Install/Upgrade - Product Key

Step 6: Confirm prerequisites are installed

If you have Microsoft .Net Framwork 4.5 and the SQL 2014 Analysis Management Objects install you should pass the prerequisites. This is a lab so the RAM requirement warning was no surprise:

SCSM 2016 Install/Upgrade - Confirm prerequisites are installed

Step 7: Service Manager starts Installing

The process does take a little bit of time, but I was finished within 5-10 minutes.

SCSM 2016 Install/Upgrade - Installing

Step 8: Install Complete

The install completes. You then should back up the encryption key. And that is it, basically the same process as SCSM 2012.

SCSM 2016 Install/Upgrade - Install Complete

Third Party tools

As SCSM 2016 has moved some of the elements internally (See Microsoft blog ) it is unlikely that any third party tools will work on the upgraded system. You are likely to get an error like below.

SCSM 2016 Upgrade - Could not load type...

The good news is that Xapity has SCSM 2016 updated versions ready to go. Just install the SCSM 2016 version over the top of the existing SCSM 2012 version.

Console Error if you do not upgrade the client to SCSM 2016

Date: 10/8/2016 4:33:55 PM Application: Service Manager Application Version: 7.5.3079.571 Severity: Error Message: An error was encountered while running the Service Manager Console. The console will now close.

SCSM Upgraded - An error was encountered while running the Service Manager Console. The console will now close.

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