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Using Xapity Notification Activity instead of Subscriptions

Subscriptions can be very difficult to manage at times. They are sometimes hard to trigger just when

Xapity Notification Activity can be used instead of SCSM notification subscriptions

you want and some business requirements cannot be met.

Also, when a disabled subscription is turned back on and it plays catch up and can send out hundreds of emails about old jobs.

Xapity Notification Activity was designed to get around these limitations and to add the ability to add attachments to notifications. As an activity it can be placed in the workflow sequence exactly when you need it to send an email. It is just like a normal activity so you can have as many as you need, sending different messages to different people - e.g. Managers, Technical staff or Users.

When the Notification Activity goes 'In Progress' it will send an email using the normal Service Manager templates - using data from the parent work item along with any attachments you may have added.

When used in conjunction with the Xapity PowerShell Activity you can dynamically add attachments that were uploaded to the parent, change the recipients or pretty much do anything you need to the activity. See our blog post http://www.xapity.com/single-post/2016/11/02/PowerShell-Scripting-for-SCSM-Copy-Approvers-to-Children

The Xapity Notification Activity gives SCSM admins more control on when notifications are sent out. The recipients can be hard coded for particular activities or set to tokens, such as Assigned to User, Affected User etc. Each work item can have its own email giving a lot more flexibility when designing notifications from Service Manager.

Email Notifications instead of Subscriptions


Xapity Notification Activity can be used instead of SCSM notification subscriptions

Xapity Notification Activity

Enables Email Notifications to be sent directly from any System Center Service Manager (SCSM) workflow. With the Xapity Notification Activity, email notifications can have attachments, external and related recipients and can use Notification Templates.

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