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Xapity Support for SCSM 2016

Xapity - System Center Service Manager 2016 Support

We a pleased to announce all Xapity Products are now supported on SCSM 2016!

System Center 2016 Evaluations can be downloaded from the TechNet Evaluation Center.

Identifying SCSM 2016 Versions

You cannot install the SCSM 2012 version on an SCSM 2016 instance or the SCSM 2016 version on an SCSM 2012 instance.

In the download, you will find the SCSM 2012 and SCSM 2016 versions in different folders. Files outside one of these folders (e.g. Xapity Mail Dictionaries) can be used with both SCSM 2012 and SCSM 2016. Language files too should be reusable, but we have separated them currently to simplify things in case interface changes are required in the future.

We will also be using the third section in our version numbers to help you tell the difference.

i.e. 1.0.0.xx = The SCSM 2012 version 1.0.1.xy = The SCSM 2016 version

Licensing for Preview Versions

Licensing for the SCSM 2016 versions is the same as it is for the equivalent SCSM 2012 version.

To summarise:

  • When installed, you will get a fully functional 30 day trial

  • Extended trials are available. Please Contact Us

  • If you have upgraded an existing licensed (Production/Non-Production) SCSM 2012 Management Group to SCSM 2016, you will be able to use your existing license key

  • With any license purchase, we will license up to two Non-Productions SCSM Management Groups, you can claim spare Non-Production keys with the preview version

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