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Microsoft SCSM HTML5 Self-Service Portal Customizations

There have been a number of blog posts and articles about the Microsoft HTLM5 Self-Service Portal for System Center Service Manager (SCSM). This blog post covers some of the ones we have found useful.

From the Official System Center Service Manger Blog we have the post which includes a short video demo about basic HTML 5 Self Service Portal deployment & customizations.:


Donato Pasqualicchio from Microsoft and the Service Manager community has published a few blog posts that provide details on how you can customize UI to your liking.

Steve Buchanan also has a summary of these blogs along with an explanation of the basic customisations described in the Microsoft blog.


Steve Beaumont again covers the most common basic customizations on branding and gives a explanation on adding a new item to the side bar. http://www.systemcenter.ninja/2015/12/customising-service-manager-html5-portal.html

Both of the Steve's above reference Donato Pasqualicchio's cheat sheet for the font\icons that can be used on the Portal : http://modernicons.io/segoe-mdl2/cheatsheet/

Ryan Ephgrave has three useful blogs relating to customizing the Portal:

Some other blogs to have a look at are:

We will keep updating this page when we come across useful blogs and articles.


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