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Rebranding Tasks and Labels

Xapity products support rebranding of tasks and any display element, which is a unique feature of Xapity for SCSM products. This allows you to control what tasks should be called in your organisation, and the ability to change any label on any dialogue box.

Rebranding is essentially the same as adding support for additional Service Manager languages to any Xapity product. Read more on Language Support and Adding other SCSM languages.



In this blog is going to change the English name of the 'Clone Incident' Task and description, but the steps do apply to any language.

Firstly, identify the label or task that you wish to change. We will rename the 'Clone Incident' Task to 'Copy Incident' and change the description as well.

Then open the Extended Languages XML file for that Xapity Clone. Search for the label or task name. Look for the most appropriate ElementID and change it to your value.

Save the XML file and import it into Service Manager as an Unsealed Management Pack.

Finally, restart the SCSM console and check that the change was made. It now is called 'Copy Incident' and has a new description. Simple and easy!

Watch this video from our Admin Series to see these steps in action.

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Xapity products are designed to be flexible and to meet your needs by giving you the ability to customise them to your requirements.

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