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SCSM Management Group Name

How to Find the SCSM Management Group Name

Quite often vendors will ask you what is the Management Group name, heck, even we do. And the last time you saw it was at install, or someone else did it and you don't know what it is.

There are a number of ways to see the Management Group name:

Option 1: Use the Console (from any computer)

Use the Connect.. Option under the Tools Menu.

SCSM Connect to Management Server to get Management Group Name

You don't actually need to connect but it will show the Management Group name when you select or type in one of the SCSM Management Servers

SCSM Connect to Management Server dialog shows Management Groups Name

Option 2: Look in the Registry

The registry also contains the information. Open the following path on a SCSM Management Server:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Operations Manager\3.0\Server Management

Get the SCSM Management Group name from the Registry

On the Data Warehouse server the key will show the Data Warehouse Management Group name

Option 3: Use Powershell

From the native PowerShell module on a SCSM Management Server you can run:

Get-SCManagementGroupConnection | FL *

Get the SCSM Management Group name using PowerShell

Option 4: Query SQL

Open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the Service Manager database Create a new query:

SELECT ManagementGroupName FROM __MOMManagementGroupInfo__

And when executed it will return the Management Group Name.

Get SCSM Management Group Name using a SQL query

Execute the query on the DWStagingAndConfig database to return the Data Warehouse Management Group Name.

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