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SCSM Subscription Testing

Testing SCSM Email Subscriptions in a Production Environment

First up, this is never a great idea but I am sure most of us have done it at some stage. You want to "trial" a subscription for a couple of days before going live.

Or if you have disabled a subscription and then turn it back on after a period of time, the subscription runs and does a catch up - sometimes sending hundreds of emails for old Work Items. You were expecting it to only do it for new items, but instead it spammed the organisation.

You can change the recipients on the template to hard code it to a particular mailbox and remove any dynamic Related Recipients. But sometimes you want to see the related recipients on the email as this confirms the subscription and template are working as expected.

With the help of a friendly Exchange administrator this can be done in a manner that is easy and a lot more controlled.

By adding a keyword (that will not be used by any Work Item) to the subject line of the Email Notification template, for example [UAT-SCSM] the Exchange Administrator can create a simple Transport Rule:

From: The Service Account sending the emails and Subject Contains: Keyword Redirect the message to: Any mailbox

Exchange Transport Rule - Trapping Email

By specifying the Sender address it lowers the chance that the rule will catch other email. And by redirecting the messages, you can check them to see if there are any false positives.

You can now do a final test in a Production environment and feel safe that the messages are not going out to users. Remove the keyword from the template and the subscription then goes live and sends email as expected.

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