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Xapity Language Support

At Xapity, we wanted to make our products available in all languages that SCSM supports. It turns out that this is a big task… we have a new found admiration for other companies that work across many languages…

Supported Languages

The Supported Languages are the languages we have included in our applications by default and where the majority of the application has been professionally translated. These languages are installed by default with each product.

Over time, and as resources permit, we hope to expand this list, but currently the default supported languages are:

Xapity Language Support
  • English

  • Danish

  • Dutch

  • Swedish

  • French

  • German

  • Spanish


Other Languages

Xapity products are available in all languages SCSM supports. If the language you require is not one of the default supported languages listed above, you can simply add it… other language files are there, translated and ready to go.

This is a unique solution included in Xapity products!

Included in the Xapity product download is the unsealed Management Pack Xapity.<Product Name>.ExtendedLanguages.xml. This Management Pack can be edited and imported into Service Manager.

Additionally included in Xapity product download is a folder Additional Languages. In this folder are the base languages files for the Xapity product in each language SCSM supports. Each text file contains all the variables and labels used with a default Bing Translator/best attempt translation.

For each language you wish to add, simply copy the contents of the specific language text file and paste it into the appropriate LanguagePack DisplayStrings section of the Xapity.<Product Name>.ExtendedLanguages.xml Management Pack, and then import the Management Pack into Service Manager.

This method can also be used with any of the included supported languages (including English) to change any text in the product.

IMPORTANT: Verify the translations in these files before importing them. These files have been translated using our best attempts. As such there may be a few errors which you can simply correct before importing the Management Pack.

Please Help Us Improve! We are always trying to improve our products and customer experience. If you find translation errors and wish to help us, please send a corrected language text file to support@xapity.com .

For more information, please see the Xapity product's Administration Guide.

You can also watch this video from our Admin Series of videos which describes the process of adding additional languages.


Xapity Mail Dictionaries

Xapity Mail includes a spell check feature. All dictionaries are include in the Xapity Mail download, however only the en-US (English - United States) is installed by default.

To add other languages, simply import the Management Pack(s) into Service Manager and they will be available.

The following Xapity Mail spell check dictionaries are available:

  • cs-CZ (Czech - Czech Republic)

  • da-DK (Danish - Denmark)

  • de-DE (German - Germany)

  • en-AU (English - Australia)

  • en-CA (English - Canada)

  • en-GB (English - Great Britain)

  • En-US (English - United States) - Default

  • Es-ES (Spanish - Spain)

  • fr-CA (French - Canada)

  • Fr-FR (French - France)

  • Hu-HU (Hungarian - Hungary)

  • it-IT (Italian - Italy)

  • Nl-NL (Dutch - The Netherlands)

  • Nn-NO (Norwegian

  • (Nynorsk) - Norway)

  • pl-PL (Polish - Poland)

  • Pt-BR (Portuguese - Brazil)

  • Pt-PT (Portuguese - Portugal)

  • ru-RU (Russian - Russia)

  • Sv-SE (Swedish - Sweden)

For more information, please see the Xapity Mail Administration Guide.

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