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Adding Images into SCSM Email Templates

Using Xapity Mail, you can make your SCSM Email Notification Templates more useful, more interesting and more professional by adding images.

The process is simple! Just take your image, convert it to Base64 and add it to your HTML Notification Template in SCSM. That’s it!

Creating a Base64 Image

Unsure what Base64 encoding is? More info here.

There are many ways to convert your image to Base64 and plenty of websites that will convert it for you. Websites such as http://www.base64-image.de gives you pretty much a complete <img> tag ready to go.

Once you get your Base64 string, just add into your HTML src attribute in a standard <img> tag. e.g.

<img height="60" width="50" src="… " />


1. Specify the height and width of your image in the <img> tag. This helps ensure image renders as expected in the Xapity Mail Rich Text Editor

2. SCSM Notification Templates supports 65,535 characters. As Base64 strings are big, smaller images and a considered use of images is best.


An Example - Adding a Corporate Signature Block

Imagine we wanted to a Corporate Signature to our emails like this:

SCSM Image Templates - Xapity Signature

1. Create your SCMS Notification Template for an Incident, use HTML and add the image in Base64 as described above.

In this example, the Template have been named 'Xapity - Close Call'

SCSM Image Templates - Template Design - HTML

2. Make this Template available to Xapity Mail so Analysts and use it. In SCSM -> Administration -> Settings -> Xapity Mail Settings -> Incident Templates. Select the Template.

SCSM Image Templates - Xapity Mail Templates Settings

3. Now Analysts can select this 'Xapity - Close Call' Template in Xapity Mail when working on an Incident Work Item

Xapity Mail - Select SCSM Template

and when they do, they get the Signature Block as expected in Xapity Mail!

Xapity Mail - Template and Image

and when sent, the affected user gets an email with image.

Xapity Mail - Email Sent from Template with Image


Use images and pictures with SCSM Email Notification Templates with Xapity Mail

Xapity Mail

Is an advanced email editor for Microsoft System Center Service Manager that allows Analysts to send emails directly from the SCSM console, utilise SCSM Email Templates and have details populated automatically from the Work Item. Xapity Mail is standalone tool, or integrates with Xapity Teams for per Support Group administration options. Find out more

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