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Email: 'Send As' vs 'Reply To' Address

Notifications in Service Manger are sent with the email address that was configured on the Channel settings.

This is somewhat restrictive and it would be nice if the emails could be sent using a Shared Mailbox address.

Only Notification Channel Options:

Email Notification Channel Settings

Well, it turns out this is somewhat possible. If you edit the XML of the Management Pack that holds the Notification Template, it is possible to insert a Sender Address. Add a property path under the "ObjectTemplate" section of the template:

<Property Path="$Context/Property[Type='CustomSystem_Notifications_Library!System.Notification.Template.SMTP']/Sender$">someother.address@xapity.com</Property>

Now when this Template is used it will be sent with an address of somether.address@xapity.com.

But unfortunately this does not achieve the entire goal as the 'Reply To' address is still configured to the Notification Channel address scsm.notifications@xapity.com.

When a user replies to the notification email it will not go back to the Shared Mailbox, but rather to the Notification Channel Mailbox.

Notification Template Send As address

So it is possible to "brand" the notifications going out and if users do not reply, this could be enough. However, if users do reply it might cause more confusion when the reply address is different to the sender address.

Xapity Mail can help! Xapity Mail allows Analysts to send email directly from the Service Manager console. Xapity Mail gives SCSM administrators a great deal of control over emails, including controlling the 'From' field, pre-populating the 'To' field, use SCSM Templates with substitution of information from the Work Item and more.

And when Xapity Mail is integrated with Xapity Teams you can send from a Share Mailbox and yes, users can reply and the email will go to the Shared Mailbox.

Check out Xapity Mail and Xapity Teams as well as our other products!

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