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Next Action Date

When designing customisations to the SCSM Incident Form one of the more useful

fields to add is a 'Next Action Date'. This is just a standard date picker field added to the class and form.

Next Action Date Picker for SCSM forms

After adding this we found the business areas immediately picked up on this and different teams used it for slightly different reasons. Some teams used it for analyst follow-ups and some teams for client or affected user follow-ups. Some even used it for when jobs were passed to other teams and they needed to put a date on when they wanted action to occur by.

In all cases having a structured field meant that we can could then create notification triggers and views based on the date. Some wanted notification warnings when the date was approaching i.e. 2 days before the date. Views were also good to give analysts a clear idea of when the date was approaching or had passed.

In our situations it was a manual process to remove or clear the date and this was covered under business practice guidelines. As a result some teams used it to get an idea of breach situations.

Reporting using the date field was also very useful to most business areas.

I would have to say that 'Next Action Date' was one of the most used modifications to the Form and used by a wide range of areas.

The odd thing was that very few asked for it during the requirements gathering.

For information and full step-by-step instructions on how to extend SCSM Classes and Forms you can watch our Videos or read our Reference Guides

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