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Analysts have all wanted to copy Work Items in Service Manager. They don’t want to type in all the details again and then just change a simple detail like the user. Templates do help, but they quickly get out of control or out of date and just seem a bit of an effort. Why can’t you just copy a record? Well now you can! Xapity Clone will allow the Analyst to copy any major Work Item – Incident, Problem, Change Request, Release Record, and Service Request along with any Activity attached to them. It copies the record and creates a new record with all the details filled in. It seems too easy to be true and a guilty pleasure to have a new record created so fast and so easy.

Xapity Clone Task

But hey wait a minute, what was copied? We have extended the class and added an embarrassing amount of extra properties, what about them? It is all OK. At Xapity we have made an effort to be as flexible as possible, and we are will leave what is copied up to you. We will allow you to select from the Properties on a Work Item, even those custom ones, and you choose what will be copied for that Work Item. The set of Properties copied is specific to each Work Item class. Incidents can be configured with a certain set of properties that are different to the properties that would be cloned on a different Work Item type.

Xapity Clone - Configure Properties

Analysts will not be pestering you to create more Templates. It will give analysts more flexibility in the console to work the way they want to. A win for everyone.

We have added integration with Xapity Teams and to give you more ways to customise your use of Xapity Clone. This means that members of one Team, say Change Managers, can clone a different set of properties for a Change Record than members of another Team, say Change Initiators. Or when the Helpdesk clones a job, it copies a base set of properties, but another Team in 3rd Level may need to copy a more detailed set of properties. You can configure the set of properties for each Team, by each Work Item type. And just to repeat

  • All custom properties are supported and will be copied.

  • A standalone app or can be integrated with Xapity Teams

  • When integrated Xapity Teams, different Support Groups can have different settings

  • Supports all major Work Item types and any child activities

You have to try it to believe it. Download the fully functional trial (30 days) now.

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