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How many times have you just wanted a simple and easy way to send an email to the Affected User or another Analyst with the details of the job? This usually requires cutting and pasting into Outlook and then sending it to a monitored mailbox as well as the user. We thought there had to be a better way, so how hard could it be to write an email client in Service Manager. Well, it is actually quite tricky, but we have managed it.

The Xapity Mail app allows you to send email directly from the console, without the need for an email client like Outlook. The Mail app can use Service Manager notification templates as a base to populate the email with any details of the work item. No more copy and pasting data from the work item to Outlook. You can edit and customise the details of the email before sending, even add attachments. It supports the major Work Item types – Incident, Change Request, Release Record, Problem, Service Request and Manual Activity.

Xapity Mail

You can select what Templates are available for each Work Item. If the Analyst is Sending an email from a Change Record, only the change templates are available, from Incident only Incident Templates etc. We support the built in language locale functionality of the template, but as the Mail app is designed to be sent to specific individual(s), only the one chosen language locale is used when the email is sent.

Xapity Mail - Available Templates

We allow the analyst to choose who the email is sent to. The list options include the affected user, created by user or any other user that is configured in the Service Manger CMBD. That’s right, any user that has been created or imported into Service Manager can be picked and added to the To Field of the email. And just to make sure we covered all bases, you can even type in an email address manually. As you know we created a great Xapity Teams app that links the Analyst to a Support Group(s). And we love to give you options and be flexible. So we added integration with the Xapity Teams app and to give you more ways to customise your use of Xapity Mail. Using both Xapity Mail and Xapity Teams adds two extra features. One, the ability to limit the notifications templates available by Team, so that each Team has a specific set of templates to choose from. And Two, they allow an analyst to send from the Team email address (i.e. a shared mailbox). If an analyst is a member of multiple Teams they will get a combined list of templates and email addresses to choose from.

Xapity Mail - Settings

Of course the analyst can always send the email as themselves (if enabled) or as the default Service Manager Notification Channel. The email can be attached to the work item and when the Work Item supports an Action Log, details of the email that was sent will be added to the action log. We hope that you enjoy the Xapity Mail app. And yes, writing an email client was a bit harder than we thought, but the results were worth it. Download the fully functional trial (30 days) now.

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