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Xapity Teams

Xapity Teams was our first app to be developed. We saw a need to link Analysts to Service Manager Support Groups. We have done this by building a relationship between the analyst and the support group and storing this in Service Manager. This relationship allows us to build functionality that is related to the Support Group or support groups that the analyst is a member of. We use any type of AD group - universal, global, local and even distribution lists - to create the relationship between the analysts and support group. There is no naming convention or restrictions on groups, we are here to make Service Manger better and not manage AD.

Xapity Teams Settings

The main task that Xapity Teams provides is the ability to assign Service Manger work items to analysts directly or to their Support Group. We believe our Direct Assign task is unique in the way it allows you to find an Analyst or Support Group. By dynamically limiting the list boxes by what was chosen first, it is intuitive for an analyst to find the person or group they want to assign the Work Item to. This is only possible because of the relationship created in Service Manger between the analyst and the Support Group. Try it out, and you will be amazed at how simple and easy it is to use.

Xapity Teams Direct Assign Work Items

We then thought, the job has been assigned to the Support Group, we should now tell them about it. So we built the notification functionality into Xapity Teams. This will send emails to all the members of the Team when certain events occur, such as creation, Support Group assignment changes or comment updates. But as you know Notifications are tricky, as one team loves them and another just considers them to be at best to be spam and at worst an evil plot to make life difficult for them. To cater for this, we added functionality to override the Notifications at the Team level. This allows you to turn notifications off for the Helpdesk that live in the console and don't need reminding of the jobs they have and still have them turned on for the 3rd level support staff that never want to open the console, but will respond to email. You make the decisions at the Team level as to what Notifications are sent for each Work Item type.

Xapity Teams Support Group Notifications

We also went a step further with notifications, because we know some Teams, like the Helpdesk again, would like extra users to get the notifications or would like to restrict the notifications to just 2-3 analysts in the Team. So at the Team level it is possible to add additional users who get the notifications. It is also possible to disable the Team from getting any notifications at all and only send notifications to the additional users. It is your choice as to who gets the emails and who does not. Where possible we have gone out of our way to make the app flexible and leave the decisions to you on how you want Xapity Teams to work. Xapity Teams integrates with other Xapity applications to enable per Support Group settings. It is well worth considering if you would like granular and per Support Group control. Download the fully functional trial (30 days) now.

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