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Introducing Xapity Tools and Apps

We are a small software development company based in Australia, but unfortunately

we are not sitting on the beach coding. Instead we are working to provide you with the best software to use with Service Manager. We also want to fix the planet and have world peace, but for now we will aim at providing the best possible solutions for Service Manager.

We have been working with Service Manager since 2012 and have come across gaps in the functionality that customers need for their business practices. The products we have built help fill gaps and we are working on more to come in the coming months.

We started with Xapity Teams to link analysts to Support Groups. We have done this in a unique way by building a relationship between the analyst and the support group and storing this in Service Manager. We support all types of AD groups and there is no special naming convention or organisation required. This provides a foundation from which we can then extend into Team notifications and some cool integration with the Xapity Mail and Clone apps. The way of assigning Work Items is dynamic and will automatically find the support groups an analyst belongs to or the analysts in a Support Group.

The Xapity Mail app can send email directly from the console, without the need for an email client like Outlook. The Mail app can use Service Manager notification templates to populate the body with any details of the work item. No more copy and pasting data from the work item to Outlook. You can send as yourself, choose the users to send to or type in email addresses manually. And if you integrate with Xapity Teams you can customise the available notification templates to each individual support group and allow sending from a Team email address (i.e. a shared mailbox address).

The Xapity Clone tool does what it implies, clones Work Items. Seems simple and it is. But what seems simple and obvious, actually takes quite a bit of work in the back end. We have done all that hard work for you and have an app that is loved by analysts as it does what they want it to do. It has the potential to change work habits and make analysts jobs easier.

The Clone tool will support any customisation that have been made to a Work Item. It is amazing to clone an existing Work Item and have all the details already entered, along with any associated activities or relationships. It should reduce the number of templates required as every work item is a ready-made template.

The apps are available for a download on a trial basis (fully functional for 30 days). Download them and then let us know what you think. Our goal is to make apps that are useful and practical and apps that you want to use. And then we can go to the beach and think about saving the planet and world peace.

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