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About Us

Xapity is an Australian based software company that develops software products to enhance the functionality of Microsoft System Center. At Xapity, we are focused on providing useful applications that provide exceptional value, flexibility and quality.


Xapity consultants and developers have been working with Microsoft System Center Service Manager for over five years in large and complex customer environments. In that time, they have gained experience solving real world problems and issues. Consultancy services for SCSM and Xapity products are available in the Canberra region through our services partner Accessity.


Taking that experience, Xapity has developed applications that help integrate Service Manager into business processes used in organisations. Xapity tools are flexible, high quality and let customers take full advantage or SCSM.


At Xaptiy, we understand our greatest assets are our customers. We are committed to our customer’s success and endeavour to provide great service and great software. 

Xapity - Canberra Australia Software Company

Canberra, Australia

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